Rat Proofing Your Home


Rat-proofing your home in Ft. Lauderdale can be a time-intensive undertaking, but it’s necessary to ensure your health and safety. Rat-proofing your home protects your property from damage and protects you, your family members, and pets from the diseases rats often carry. At Critter Contr… Read more »

How to Rodent-Proof Your Attic

One of the most popular places in your home for rodents to live is in your attic. It can be hard to detect a rodent infestation in your attic if you don’t frequent there often. And since rodents can be quite small, the noises they make will be minimal and hard to detect. One of the best ways to keep rodents from invading your attic is to be proactive in keeping them out.

Steps to… Read more »

Health Threats Caused by Rats

Rats are seen as unsanitary, but mostly harmless since they often like to take refuge in sewers, dumpsters, and junk yards. However, if they make their way into your home, there is cause for alarm. Apart from damaging the interior of your home with their sharp front teeth, rats can spread some nasty, and potentially fatal, diseases.

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What Animal is Making Noises in My Wall?

Do you hear strange noises in your walls? Do you wonder what kind of critter you might be providing a home for? Check out these sounds, and see which ones you recognize to determine what kind of animal has become your new roommate.

Mice and Rats

If you hear scurrying sounds inside your walls or ceilings, especially at night, you’re probably harboring either mice or rats. The only way to get rid of them is to trap … Read more »

3 Signs the Noises in Your Attic Are Squirrels

3 Signs the Noises in Your Attic Are Squirrels

Squirrels are so abundant in North America that we take them for granted. But that doesn’t mean you want one in your home. Especially when the weather gets colder, or when squirrels are looking to nest and reproduce, your attic offers an attractive shelter. Squirrels find their way in through small openings in your home’s envelope – gaps around pipes, loose shingles, even through cracks in th… Read more »

How to Keep Critters From Invading During Winter

As temperatures drop and inclement weather arrives, whether its cold nights or storms, many animals start looking for shelter. They want a place that is warm and cozy and depending on the type of animal perhaps to breed in. It should come as little surprise then that they would choose your home, which offers a roof over their head, food at their disposal, and plenty of warmth.

It is best to be proactive and keep animals from coming into your home rather than waiting to have them re… Read more »

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Rats

There is one thing we can all agree on about rats and that’s the fact that Ft. Lauderdale Ratnobody wants them around. Rats are often associated with filth and disease and for this reason many homeowners go above and beyond to ensure they don’t infest their homes. Though loathed, there is so much unknown about these “cute,” long-tailed critters. Here are some interesting facts about rats that may give you a different perspective:

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How to Avoid Mosquitoes in Your Yard

Mosquitoes are one of the most common and irritating pests in Fort Lauderdale. Their buzzing sounds and itching bites can drive a person Ft. Lauderdale Mosquitoes mad. However, there are a few steps homeowners can take to keep mosquitoes from breeding in their yards.


Prevent Mosquitoes Living in Your Yard

Bodies of water are a popular breeding grou… Read more »

Rat Control

Successful rat control methods require some effort, but they are very beneficial in preventing illnesses and deterring structural damage for Fort Lauderdale residents. Because of the potential dangers rats present for Ft. Lauderdale rat trappinghumans, Critter Control® recommends taking immediate action to rid your home or business of these varmints. We s… Read more »

Rats: Uninvited Guests in Your Attic

Rats in your home’s attic can cause a variety of problems. They can chew through wires, causing electrical issues and possible fire hazards. Their droppings and urine can spread diseases through a home’s air Ft. Lauderdale Ratconditioning ducts, and they can chew through valuable or sentimental items stored in the attic.

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