How to Keep Critters From Invading During Winter

As temperatures drop and inclement weather arrives, whether its cold nights or storms, many animals start looking for shelter. They want a place that is warm and cozy and depending on the type of animal perhaps to breed in. It should come as little surprise then that they would choose your home, which offers a roof over their head, food at their disposal, and plenty of warmth.

It is best to be proactive and keep animals from coming into your home rather than waiting to have them removed once they invade. Here are a few great ways you can secure your home before animals start wondering in:

  • Scan your home for small entry holes. An open chimney, deteriorated fascia boards, or holes in the attic vents are enough to let critters in. Use common tasks such as gutter cleaning, weatherizing, and more as occasions to scan your home for any small cracks. If you find a hole, monitor it for a few days to make sure that wildlife is not already inside before sealing it.
  • Ensure all your food goods are sealed in containers. Making sure food isn’t easily accessible or left out will keep those critters from invading your pantry and damaging your food supply.
  • Remove debris near your home. Mounds of trash and debris collected near your home are the perfect cover for critters seeking refuge. If they first find shelter in debris, they may feel more emboldened to search your home for entry points.

Call the Experts for Help

If you already believe you have an animal (or two) in your home, it is vital to hire animal control and removal experts. Critter Control® of Ft. Lauderdale has been in business for more than 30 years, and offers experienced professionals to not only remove the critter, but clean droppings, repair damage, and patch entry points to exclude animals from reentering your home.

Animals carry disease and are known to react dangerously when cornered, so it’s a necessity to hire a professional for handling the critter removal to ensure your entire family remains safe. Call us today at 954-467-6067 to schedule your free inspection.