3 Signs the Noises in Your Attic Are Squirrels

3 Signs the Noises in Your Attic Are Squirrels

Squirrels are so abundant in North America that we take them for granted. But that doesn’t mean you want one in your home. Especially when the weather gets colder, or when squirrels are looking to nest and reproduce, your attic offers an attractive shelter. Squirrels find their way in through small openings in your home’s envelope – gaps around pipes, loose shingles, even through cracks in the foundation or chimney.

Here are some common signs that you may have a squirrel problem in your attic:

You can hear them overhead

Squirrels will make thumps or scurrying sounds that you’ll hear overhead, in the walls, or down the chimney or vents. Some species (the flying squirrel, for example) make noises during nighttime hours, which can be especially disturbing.

You can smell them

Especially if they have built a nest and are rearing young, squirrels give off a musty odor that will eventually waft through the rest of your house. If a squirrel gets trapped somewhere, or if young are abandoned, you may also smell decomposition from a dead squirrel.

There is visible evidence

Bits of chewed up insulation material or shingles, droppings, even tracks in the snow around your walls or deck – all may be indicators of a squirrel problem within your home.

What to Do

They may look cute, but squirrels can do a lot of damage. And bear in mind that their urine and feces can be hazardous, creating a risk to humans of Salmonella and respiratory diseases. If you think there are squirrels in your attic, call a professional like the ones at Critter Control® serving Ft. Lauderdale. We can humanely remove these furry pests, repair the damage, and ensure they won’t be back by sealing any entry or exit points they made. Call today for a free consultation at 954-467-6067.