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Removing Pigeons From Your Home


Pigeons are not aggressive. Pigeons are not violent and deadly. But pigeons can cause serious problems. A single pigeon can’t do too much to damage your home or your belongings. While a single errant dropping can be annoying, there isn’t too much to concern yourself with.

Pigeons tend to flock together when they find a place that provides them with adequate shelter and food. In great numbers, pigeons can cause serious damage to your property. Their droppings are not only full of diseases and parasites, but they can also create an unsafe environment to live or work in. Slips and falls are common in areas where pigeons nest. Their waste can also damage the materials around your home. And don’t forget about the smell. Even a few pigeons will create enough droppings to cause a serious odor problem.

Multiple Solutions

Getting rid of several pigeons isn’t as easy as getting rid of a raccoon or skunk. In order to completely eliminate the problem, we will need to implement several strategies and techniques. If you try to get rid of the birds on your own, you will quickly realize how tenacious they can be. In order to remove pigeons completely, you need to give us a call. We can remove their nests and seal any gaps or openings that might entice them to return.


If you have had several pigeons hanging around your home or workplace, you know that they can leave a terrible mess. Once we have removed the birds from your property and taken measures to ensure they don’t return, we can clean up the messes they left behind. Pigeon droppings can ruin your property value, damage your belongings, and smell worse than just about anything you can imagine. Do yourself a favor and give us a call; we can have the mess cleaned in no time