How to Rodent-Proof Your Attic

One of the most popular places in your home for rodents to live is in your attic. It can be hard to detect a rodent infestation in your attic if you don’t frequent there often. And since rodents can be quite small, the noises they make will be minimal and hard to detect. One of the best ways to keep rodents from invading your attic is to be proactive in keeping them out.

Steps to Take

There are a few ways to rodent-proof you attic, and most of them start before the rodents actually reach the attic. First, you should check your roof and soffits for any small holes. Rodents like rats and mice can fit through holes a lot smaller than their bodies, and any rodent can take a pre-existing hole and gnaw it to make it bigger. Sealing up any kind of hole will cut the chances of a rodent invasion down.

Another way rodents can get into your home is through your vents. There are a few ways you can keep rodents out of your vents:

  1. Place traps near the entrances of vents. This can work well if rodents have already gained access to your vents.
  2. Protect your vent with stainless steel mesh. This will prevent the rodents from getting into your vents. Cloth works well with bugs, but rodents can chew through it.
  3. Install a vent guard on your roof. Caging the area around the vents on your roof will keep any curious critters away from your outside vents.

Get Help from the Experts

Sometimes, rodents can be particularly persistent. Even if you take precautionary measures like the ones above, rodents can still find a way into your home. When you have come to your last straw and no longer know how else to deal with them, that’s when the experts at Critter Control® can step in. With our state of the art tools and techniques, we can remove rodents from your house in no time, and keep them out for good. Don’t let the stress of dealing with rodents in your home weigh down on you any longer. Call us today at 954-467-6067 for your free consultation.