Florida’s Heat + Hurricane Season = Fort Lauderdale Mosquitoes

Hurricane season is upon us and with Florida’s hot weather Critter Control® of Fort Lauderdale knows that these are great conditions for mosquito breeding. Florida has reported multiple confirmed Zika cases,  Ft. Lauderdale Mosquito and some of those were from local mosquitoes. Local government is hard at work combatting the mosquito problem, but you can do your part by prote… Read more »

5 Interesting Facts about Raccoons

Ft. Lauderdale raccoon-in-chimneyTo humans, raccoons are somewhat mysterious animals. We have always been told to stay away because they are aggressive and may be rabid. We know for sure that they don’t make the best house guests, but what do we know about raccoons? Many would answer not much. Below Critter Control® of Fort Lauderdale have shared some interesting facts about raccoons that will help you understand a bit more about these furry bandits.

Identifying a Bee versus a Wasp

Ft. Lauderdale bee-or-waspUnless you’re familiar with bees and wasps, the sting you just felt when that yellow and black insect landed on your arm is not a great identifier. Trying to get close to a bee hive or a wasp nest to properly identify the culprit it never recommended. Believe it or not, bees and wasps have different appearances, behaviors and lifestyles. If noting their behaviors from afar isn’t enough to determine which insect stung you then call the experts at Cr… Read more »

Why You May Be Attracting the Wildlife in Your Yard

You’ve seen a few squirrels in your backyard and they were the most adorable thing ever. A few months have passed, and now you see a few raccoons, a couple new bee hives, a lot more squirrels, two new snakes, and some bats. What is happening you ask yourself? It was acceptable at first, but now it’s becoming a nuisance. The new flowers you planted, and the open trash can you’ve now decided to keep outside may be contributing factors. Be mindful that if they are in your backyard, then they may also make their way into your home or attic and cause damage. Wildlife generally enters a home when looking for permanent shelter, a breeding spot… Read more »