What Animal is Making Noises in My Wall?

Do you hear strange noises in your walls? Do you wonder what kind of critter you might be providing a home for? Check out these sounds, and see which ones you recognize to determine what kind of animal has become your new roommate.

Mice and Rats

If you hear scurrying sounds inside your walls or ceilings, especially at night, you’re probably harboring either mice or rats. The only way to get rid of them is to trap them and seal off all entry points.

Squirrels and Raccoons

Do you hear ripping or thumping noises? Squirrels like to sneak into your attic to use your insulation to make a warm nest for their babies. Louder sounds could be from raccoons trying to get out of the cold in the middle of the night. It’s easy for these critters to get caught between the roof and ceiling of your home.

Birds and Bats

If you hear chirping inside your walls, you don’t need us to tell you a bird has gotten inside, probably trying to build a nest. It may even wake you up early in the morning. Scratching sounds accompanied by squeaking may belong to a winged creature, but in this case, it might be a bat, especially if the sounds only show up at night. Bats can cause a lot of damage if they set up a colony in your attic.

How We Can Help

Are any of these sounds too familiar? Critter Control® serving Ft. Lauderdale can get rid of the pests that are infiltrating your home, sealing off their entry points so they can’t get back in. Remember that attempting to trap these animals on your own can be very dangerous and result in transmitting diseases to you and your family. Keep everyone in your home safe by calling on us to help remove these critters from your home. For a free consultation, contact us at 954-467-6067.