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Roof Rats

Removing Roof Rats From Your Home

Do you know if your home is infested with roof rats? If not, there are a few easy ways to identify the critters. They are large rodents, around seven inches long on average, and they have tails that can grow longer than their entire body. A couple of easy ways to identify the rodents is by their coloring. Most rats are brown or black and have light colored stomachs. If you aren’t sure what type of rodent is infesting your home, see if you can get a glimpse of a rodent’s belly. Also, their ears are usually pink and hairless. And perhaps the easiest way to identify the rodent is by their location. As their name suggests, roof rats tend to make their nests in roofs or attics.

Understanding the Problem

Like all rodents, roof rats can and will eat anything in your home. They prefer grains and seeds, but that doesn’t mean getting rid of your bread and seeds will eliminate the problem. They love garbage and will be attracted to anywhere with an excess of rubbish.

Roof rats will also devour your home from the inside out as they make their nests and expand their territory. Wires, drywall, insulation, pipes, and even furniture are no match for their teeth. They can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage in no time at all.

Lastly, roof rats will also spread diseases. While bites are certainly dangerous, they aren’t very common. Rather, the most likely way for you to come in contact with the diseases they carry is through their waste. As their waste dries it becomes even more dangerous. When their waste dries it can easily be scattered into the wind which makes it easy to inhale (without noticing it).

Rat Removal

If you suspect you need roof rat removal, give us a call at once. If possible, identify problem areas or places where the rodents have caused the most damage. With a little help, our technicians will be able to eliminate the problem quickly and efficiently.