Why Are Rats Avoiding the Traps

Rats can be a terrible nuisance in your home as they often cause damage to rat trapyour home when nesting.  A common way homeowners seek to get rid of their rat problem is through rat traps, but they are often misused. Here are a few items to consider if your rat traps are not working:

  • Wrong-Sized Trap – People often make the mistake of confusing mouse traps for rat traps due to their similar design. Rat traps, however, are significantly larger and more powerful to compensate for the size difference between rats and mice. If a mousetrap is used on a rat, you run the risk of it escaping or being pinned down but still living and potentially hostile when you go to release it.
  • Ineffective Placement – An important consideration about rats is that they will typically stick to scurrying along the edges of rooms near walls where they feel safe. Placing a trap in the middle of the room will most likely not catch much. If you put the trap along the edge of the room and place the end with the trigger plate facing the wall, you will have a better chance at coaxing rats into the trap.
  • Traps Set Too Early – Rats are very aware of their surroundings, and the moment a new element is introduced, they can become weary of it. Place the traps in the room, but do not set them. This way, the rats will not perceive them as a threat yet and will be more inclined to approach your traps a few nights later.
  • Not Enough Traps – In addition to acclimating the rats to the traps early, you need to keep in mind that once the traps are shown to be deadly, the rats will stay away. That is why you should always set multiple traps. Statistically, you always trap the most rats on the first night, so by setting many overnight you increase your odds substantially.

Improper baiting techniques can lead to further problems. These agile and intelligent rodents spend a lot of time exploring and memorizing the layout of their surroundings and are very hesitant to approach unfamiliar objects. They nibble cautiously at new foods to taste them and can be rather particular about what they eat when given a variety of options.

Professional Rat Removal

Rats in your home are no laughing matter as they can be dangerous and destructive. While over-the-counter do-it-yourself options such as traps can be helpful, they are no substitute for professional assistance. At Critter Control® serving Ft. Lauderdale, we have the tools and experience to provide you with expert rat removal through safe and efficient means. Contact us today for your free consultation at 954-467-6067.