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Armadillos might be adorable, but they pose a potential threat to human interests. For that matter, Ft Lauderdale Armadilloarmadillos are capable of causing harm to humans as well as damaging properties.

How Can Armadillos Cause Problems for Homeowners?

Primarily, armadillos should be counted as pests because of their digging. When they dig in your yard and on your property, they can cause a surprising amount of damage within a short period of time. Armadillos have been known to ruin flowerbeds, kill plants and trees, and destroy other landscaped areas in their search for food.

In addition to damaging your lawn and flower beds, armadillos may dig under your sidewalks, housing foundation, and patios. Digging below these surfaces can weaken and crack the foundation, causing increased danger for you and your family, as well as additional repair costs.

Another consideration is the potential dangers that armadillos pose to your pets. These unwanted critters have been known to pass tapeworms to pets, which may occur when they come into contact with the armadillo’s feces.

Contact Critter Control for Help

Although small, armadillos can cause a significant amount of damage. Fortunately, there is a simple and straightforward solution to the problem. Critter Control serving Ft. Lauderdale possesses the expertise, the experience, and the equipment needed to humanely remove armadillos and other unwanted critters from your home or property. As a result, people who have caught sight of armadillos on their properties should not hesitate to contact us at 954-504-6467 to schedule a free inspection.