When Should I Call a Professional Exterminator?

Some of us have a proclivity for DIY projects. You might have a passion for fixing up the old lawnmower or fashioning a coffee table from wood pallets. Being able to do it yourself is great – it gives you a feeling of satisfaction that you are capable and skilled, and it likely also saves you money.

However, not every task is suitable for DIYers. For instance, you may be tempted to try to control a Read more »

Snakes in Your Yard Mean Rats in Your Home

Which would you rather have on your property, snakes or rats? The answer is most likely neither, though one does a lot more harm than the other.

If you see a snake in your yard it is not a cause for alarm. A snake will try to flee unless cornered. Make sure you are not blocking the snake’s escape route. Of the forty-six snake species native to Florida, Read more »

How Bat Guano Can Ruin an Attic

Bats are extremely helpful creatures in our buggy Florida environment. Without them, the populations of mosquitos and flies would balloon out of control. But, bats are not quite as helpful inside your house. They can cause a myriad of issues if they are allowed to roost in your attic for an extended amount of time. The worst thing about having bats in your attic is … Read more »

Florida Bat Protections

There is a wide gulf between the public perception of bats and their importance to the environment. Though they are often viewed as creepy and dangerous due to their association with vampires and horror movies, they are one of the most necessary creatures for maintaining Florida’s ecosystem. The populations of insects would skyrocket without bats – they eat thousands of… Read more »

Signs You Have a Dead Animal in Your House

Nobody likes the thought of wild animals in their home. The idea that there are critters lurking somewhere in the house gives people chills. They leave frustrating messes behind and are difficult to track down. But sometimes they can pose even more irritating problems when they die in your house.

The following are obvious signs that a dead animal is … Read more »

The Importance of Early Rat Removal

Though they are small, rats are not to be trifled with. They can create a myriad of problems for homeowners if they manage to get inside houses. Contaminating food, chewing on wires and walls, and soiling surfaces with excrement are just a few of the bothersome things rats can do. The worst thing you can do in this situation is nothing – the longer the… Read more »

Common DIY Animal Control Mistakes

With a wealth of information readily available to anyone with internet access, it is no surprise that the DIY craze has exploded recently. From learning how to make the dish at your favorite restaurant to fixing a car, the internet offers “how to” videos for almost everything. But, just because there’s a video teaching you how to do something doesn’t mean the information is accurate and helpful. One thing you can’t afford t… Read more »

Rodent-Proofing Your Home

For many, the idea of rodents in their home is the stuff of nightmares. rodent proofing homeRodents like rats and mice are notorious home invaders, living alongside humans all over the world. They are especially problematic because they chew on housing structures and wires, contaminate food in the kitchen, leave excrement wherever they go, and make scuttling and squeaki… Read more »

Did You Know Bat Extermination is Illegal?

Many people seek bat extermination once they identify a problem in their homes. However, killing bats or even forcefully removing them is illegal. Due to the importance of bats on the environment, they are a protected species. If you believe you may have a bat problem, it’s critical you reach out to professionals who know how to ethically and legally handle your issue.

Bat Ris… Read more »

How to Get Rid of Mice in the Walls

You may be thinking, “Did I just here a noise coming from inside my living room wall?” In all likelihood, there could be some mice making a nest there. Your house provides the best possible shelter for mice, and they can thrive with the safety, climate control, and nutrition it offers. Although inside walls may seem like a strange place for mice to live, it i… Read more »