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Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation Services

Most homeowners like you in Ft. Lauderdale are concerned about increased energy costs. Consequently, you may be trying to insulate your home and stuff any air leaks. Did you know that the attic is one of the easiest places to insulate in your home?

But even though adding insulation to your attic is easy, most insulation is not up to government standards. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to find out how effective your insulation is. You can simply call one of our specialists at Critter Control to check how your attic measures up.

When to Replace Your Insulation

When it comes to attic insulation, it’s important to evaluate what you have. If your current insulation is in good shape but not efficient enough, you might want to consider adding to it. This is probably the most cost-effective option. However, if your insulation is soiled or damaged, then it needs to be replaced.

While adding insulation to your attic is easier than adding it elsewhere, insulation materials are actually difficult to work with. Insulation installation also needs to be done properly for best results. When you’re ready to add to or replace your insulation, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Stay Away from Vermiculite Insulation

There is a possibility that your attic currently has vermiculite insulation. Unfortunately, vermiculite may contain asbestos, which makes it potentially hazardous to your health. If you have vermiculite insulation, you need to be careful not to disturb it. As soon as you can, you should get it replaced.

Even though replacing vermiculite insulation is important, it’s not something you should attempt to do yourself. Otherwise, you might accidentally breathe in asbestos fibers. Therefore, give our certified insulation contractors a call to take care of this hazard for you!

Let Us Help You Properly Insulate Your Attic

When it comes to attic insulation, Critter Control has a team of experts ready to help you. Not only do we replace and dispose of damaged or soiled insulation materials but we also install new insulation for you. Before you get new insulation, you might also want to consider blocking a few other leaks.

For example, a lot of homes have several openings into the attic area. If you don’t block these off with plywood, then you’re wasting money on cooling or heating your attic. Finally, you should never install new insulation if you have a leak or ventilation problem in your attic. If you have any questions about attic insulation, give us a call! We’ll be happy to help.