Common DIY Animal Control Mistakes

With a wealth of information readily available to anyone with internet access, it is no surprise that the DIY craze has exploded recently. From learning how to make the dish at your favorite restaurant to fixing a car, the internet offers “how to” videos for almost everything. But, just because there’s a video teaching you how to do something doesn’t mean the information is accurate and helpful. One thing you can’t afford to get wrong is nuisance animal control – a poorly executed job can end up costing you money and putting you or the animal in harm’s way.

Here are a few of the most common mistakes that DIYers make when trying to get nuisance pests out of their homes.

Sealing Off the Home Before the Animal is Gone

You may have seen raccoon scurrying around in your attic, and, furious that the animal got in your house, you go on a hunt to discover how it got in. In your frustration, you close off all the gaps you can find on the exterior of your home.

But, this mistake can prove costly. Without the ability to get out of your house, the animal will likely starve to death and die in your attic. When this happens, the body will decay and give off horrible smells, in addition to becoming a breeding ground for bacteria. You never want to seal up your home until you are positive all the nuisance animals are gone.

Using Poison

While it may seem like the best option for solving your pest problem, poison is a terrible idea. Though it seems like a relatively hands-off, easy-fix solution, poison can quickly backfire on you. It is also illegal to use on many nuisance wildlife in Florida.

A pet or child might find the poison and ingest it, leaving you with a dangerous situation. Or, the animal might take the poisoned bait, only for it to scurry away back to its den in the walls and die there hours later. Then, you will be subject to a horrible stench for weeks without being able to find or reach the body of the animal. DIY poison placement is never a responsible or effective solution.

Forgetting to Deal with the Main Issue

The vast majority of DIYers and even some pest control services don’t completely grasp the whole issue. They will catch and remove nuisance animals from your home, and think the job is complete.

But, this is like dumping the water out of a sinking boat without plugging the hole in the bottom. The conditions which first drew the pest to your house remain the same. An exemplary professional animal removal service will not only help you take care of the pests in your house right now, but will also help you guard against future invaders as well. Removing the animal is only part of the solution – you also need to get rid of any attractants and re-fortify the exterior of the house to prevent them from easily regaining access.

The Best Animal Control Service in the Business

The difference between nuisance animal control experts and DIYers is vast. At Critter Control serving Ft. Lauderdale, we use our years of experience to see what others don’t. We not only know the most effective and humane methods to remove pests, but we can also identify better than anyone else how the critters got into your house. But we don’t stop there – we can fix these structural weaknesses along with any damage and messes the animals left behind. See the Critter Control difference for yourself and call 954-467-6067 for a free consultation.