The Importance of Early Rat Removal

Though they are small, rats are not to be trifled with. They can create a myriad of problems for homeowners if they manage to get inside houses. Contaminating food, chewing on wires and walls, and soiling surfaces with excrement are just a few of the bothersome things rats can do. The worst thing you can do in this situation is nothing – the longer the rats live in your house, the worse your situation will get. Call Critter Control as soon as you believe you have unwanted rodent houseguests to minimize the damage they can do.

The Snowball Effect

Rat infestations have a sort of snowball effect at play due to the rodent’s rapid breeding abilities. The brown rat, one of the most common species, can breed up to 5 times a year with litters of up to 14 young. Though by these numbers an individual rat can have dozens of babies, what really causes the population numbers to explode is the fact that the brown rat reaches sexual maturity at 5 weeks old.

This is why it is so critical to remove the rodents as early as possible. Left unchecked for just a couple months, the number of rats in your home will have multiplied. However, it is far harder to detect just a couple rats in your home than dozens. Don’t ignore your intuition if you think there could be animals in your home – call the experts at Critter Control to come assess the situation for you for free.

Rat Infestation Experts

If you try to deal with an infestation by yourself, you run the risk of giving the rats more time to breed. In addition, your traps may capture many adult rats and you could be lured to a false sense of security. If they have been living in your walls and breeding, then there could be a new batch of young too small to move around and be taken by your traps. Without any adults providing them food, they will die in the walls, emitting a foul odor which could take weeks to fully go away.

Your best chance of completely solving your rat problem is to hire the professionals at Critter Control. Rat infestations require experience, knowledge, skill, and patience. Countless rat removal jobs have equipped us to deal with infestations of any magnitude successfully. We are experts at inspecting houses, removing critters, sanitizing and repairing damaged areas, and preventing future issues. Take advantage of our free initial consultation offer by calling 954-467-6067.