Snakes in Your Yard Mean Rats in Your Home

Which would you rather have on your property, snakes or rats? The answer is most likely neither, though one does a lot more harm than the other.

If you see a snake in your yard it is not a cause for alarm. A snake will try to flee unless cornered. Make sure you are not blocking the snake’s escape route. Of the forty-six snake species native to Florida, thirty-four are present in South Florida. Only four of those snakes are venomous (the pygmy rattlesnake, the Eastern diamondback rattlesnake, the water mocassin, and the coral snake).

Rats in your yard or in your house are a bigger concern. Rats are notoriously invasive, and once they make it inside your home, they will cause all sorts of problems.

Why is a Snake a Sign of Rodent Infestation?

If you see a snake or two consistently hanging around your house, it probably signifies that you have a rat problem.  Snakes are drawn toward rodent populations because they present a wonderful feeding opportunity. Rat infestations can contain dozens and dozens of critters, which means several full bellies for a snake.

In this case, the presence of the snakes is a positive thing, because they are helping you eliminate the troublesome pests.

How to Get Rid of Rats

You can’t leave all the work to the snakes – you must also act to eliminate the rodent infestation in your home. After all, you aren’t exactly going to let a couple of snakes inside your house to help you out, since they don’t belong there either. But, once you get rid of your rodent problem, you almost certainly won’t see the snakes in your yard anymore. Get rid of the rats, and you will have solved your critter problem.

That is often easier said than done. Rat infestations are incredibly difficult to fight against because rats are such fast breeders. Even if you manage to capture a few of them in traps, their numbers will still continue to grow. And if you don’t deal with the issue as soon as you discover the rodents in your house, they can do significant damage through their chewing and excrement.

Seeing snakes in your yard and rats in your house? Don’t waste precious time trying to take care of the problem yourself. The longer the infestation lasts, the more damage the rats will do, and the more money you will have to pay for repairs. Instead, call Critter Control® immediately. Our trained technicians will apply their vast knowledge and experience with rodent infestations to your situation. We lead the nation in quality animal control service, so you can be sure that you are in good hands with us. For a free consultation, call us today at 954-467-6067.