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Removing Foxes from Your Home

Foxes are small wild animals with long, bushy tails and pointed noses that are similar to dogs. In fact, they have a very close relation to dogs. If you are wondering how to take care of a fox issue, you first need to know how to spot the problem. Foxes are notorious for digging up gardens, living under sheds or decks, and can also pose a threat to your household pet.If you suspect you have a fox on or near your property, call Critter Control serving Ft Lauderdale. We will remove the fox in a humane manner and fix any damage the fox may have caused. We will also teach prevention methods to keep the fox from coming back!

Professional Fox Removal and Control

Although foxes are relatively harmless to humans, they can cause destruction around the home and should be dealt with as soon as possible by a professional. Even if you haven’t seen a fox on your property, if you notice large holes in your garden or are constantly annoyed by a loud screeching sound, there is a good chance a fox is nearby.

Don’t dismiss it if you find a fox living under your deck or a similar space. Foxes can carry rabies and other diseases that are harmful to humans and other animals if they come in contact with the bacteria. Critter Control is experienced in all types of animal removal, and we will remove the fox without disrupting their natural instincts or behaviors. Even though foxes can be a nuisance, we believe they should be dealt with humanely.

If the fox has already caused damage around your home, we can fix that as well! We will also make sure to rid your home of any droppings or bacteria left behind to ensure your safety. To prevent a fox from coming back and making another home under your deck or in your shed, we will seal off points of entry to prevent that from happening.

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Dealing with a fox problem before it escalates will save you time and money. Call Critter Control at the first sign of a fox nuisance concern. We will handle the issue quickly and professionally.