5 Interesting Facts about Raccoons

Ft. Lauderdale raccoon-in-chimneyTo humans, raccoons are somewhat mysterious animals. We have always been told to stay away because they are aggressive and may be rabid. We know for sure that they don’t make the best house guests, but what do we know about raccoons? Many would answer not much. Below Critter Control® serving Fort Lauderdale have shared some interesting facts about raccoons that will help you understand a bit more about these furry bandits.

  • Raccoons are nocturnal creatures which mean they are primarily active at night. Their activity increases during spring, summer, and fall, but winter is when they love to make your home their place of rest and solace.


  • The latter part of winter is also when raccoons like to begin their reproduction cycle. Their gestation period is approximately 63 – 65 days so baby cubs can be expected in late April or early May. Unlike humans who stay with our parents for at least 18 years, baby raccoons are on their own after just one year. Most females are ready to reproduce by then. Male raccoons do not take part in raising the cubs


  • Social Structure. Adult raccoons normally live in groups of four or five. This “community” atmosphere provides better protection as they are safer in numbers. Some of their natural predators include cougars, bobcats, alligators, foxes and great horned owls.


  • Raccoons identify each other by sniffing their bottoms. They also have over 200 murmurs and screeches and 12 – 15 different calls that they use to communicate.


  • Unique Attributes. Raccoons are great swimmers. Adults can swim up to a mile with no difficulty. Raccoons also have excellent dexterity which makes them avid climbers. This mastery also gives the ability to open doors, latches, and bottles.


Though these animal’s abilities are very impressive and their lifestyle is very interesting, you should still stay far. They are very protective animals, and their aggression heightens when cubs are present.

If you see a raccoon repeatedly around your premises, they probably have a gaze of other raccoons nearby. Call the experts at Critter Control® serving Fort Lauderdale at 954-467-6067 to assist with all your raccoon removal needs. Ask about our three-year exclusion and lifetime warranty.