Rats: Uninvited Guests in Your Attic

Rats in your home’s attic can cause a variety of problems. They can chew through wires, causing electrical issues and possible fire hazards. Their droppings and urine can spread diseases through a home’s air Ft. Lauderdale Ratconditioning ducts, and they can chew through valuable or sentimental items stored in the attic.

How to Know if There Are Rats in the Attic

Homeowners who want to prevent rats from causing issues by creating nests in their attic should know the signs of a rat infestation. The most obvious sign of rats living in the attic include:
• Scratching sounds in the ceiling and walls
• Squeaks, thumps, and other unexplained sounds
• Holes in food bags or boxes
• Flickering lights

If homeowners investigate these sounds, they may find other obvious signs of the rat’s presence, such as rat droppings throughout the attic and trails in exposed insulation. Damage to stored objects, wiring, and structural beams may also be present.

Removing Attic Nests

Safely trapping or poisoning rats is a difficult task for a homeowner. Even if they manage to kill some of the rats, destroying the nest is almost impossible without a professional’s knowledge and tools. In addition, critter professionals can repair the damage made to your attic’s insulation, wiring, and structure if needed.

To ensure the extermination of the rats in your attic, call 954-467-6067 and talk to the pest control agents at Critter Control® serving Fort Lauderdale.