Successful rat control methods require some effort, but they are very beneficial in preventing illnesses and deterring structural damage for Fort Lauderdale residents. Because of the potential dangers rats present for Ft. Lauderdale rat trappinghumans, Critter Control® recommends taking immediate action to rid your home or business of these varmints. We specialize in crafting the safest and most effective solution to fit your needs and have years of experience with of pests such as rats.


Non – Lethal Control Methods

The most effective method of rat control is prevention. Early implication will ensure the safety of both the humans and rats involved. Fort Lauderdale residents should:

  • Store food and trash in tightly sealed containers
  • Alter landscaping to eliminate rodent hiding places
  • Use fumigants to force these creatures to leave on their own
  • Keep home clutter free; especially from paper or cardboard
  • Hire professionals to place rat traps in the most appropriate locations

Since rats sometimes change location, it is best to combine efforts with neighbors to be more effective.

Alternative Control Methods

At Critter Control® it is always our goal to safely trap and relocate creatures to a more appropriate habitat. However, that is not always practical. When rats are diseased, or when their population is so colossal that trapping is inadequate, we implement lethal extermination methods. Lethal traps are more effective at removing larger numbers and often take up less space.

Rats are creatures of habit. They travel the same route every time to get to their desired location. They are also very nimble and skeptical creatures. Their skepticism, agility, and excellent memory make it very difficult to catch them.

If you believe your home or business is infiltrated by rats, seek professional assistance. Call our expert team at Critter Control® serving Fort Lauderdale at 954-467-6067 to schedule your free consultation today. Ask about our three-year exclusion and lifetime warranty.