How to Get Rid of Mice in the Walls

You may be thinking, “Did I just here a noise coming from inside my living room wall?” In all likelihood, there could be some mice making a nest there. Your house provides the best possible shelter for mice, and they can thrive with the safety, climate control, and nutrition it offers. Although inside walls may seem like a strange place for mice to live, it is actually perfect for them. Mice like dark, tight spaces to hunker down in the daytime because it makes them harder to find. It also makes them hard to remove, but it is not impossible to get rid of mice in your walls.

Know the Signs

First, it is important to identify that the critters living in your walls are in fact mice. Here are some clues which can help you nail down the culprit.

  • Sounds: small squeaking noises, tiny paws scuttling, faint scratching
  • Feces: small, oblong brown pellets
  • Tracks: front feet have 4 toes, and back feet have 5; will likely appear near entry point of the wall
  • Chew Marks: signs of gnawing on baseboards, drywall, or furniture
  • Smells: urine/feces odor near the walls, perhaps also the smell of dead mice trapped in the wall

By noticing one or more of these signs, you can determine if indeed the creatures living in your walls are mice, or maybe something larger.

Forming a Plan

Now that you’ve positively identified the mystery animals in your walls as mice, you must form a plan for getting the pests out of your home. Normally, this means betting that the mice come out of the walls at night in search of food. Many people will place traps along the wall where the mice reside, or in other places where they have noticed signs of mice activity. But, things can get complicated if it turns out that mice have died inside the walls – they need to be removed quickly to avoid horrible smelling odors, the spread of bacteria, and damage to the structure of your house.

The Total Mice Control Solution

If you have mice living in your walls, eradicating the pests, cleaning the mess, and repairing damage can be a gargantuan task. Let the experts at Critter Control® of Ft. Lauderdale take care of the problem for you. We know that each situation calls for a unique solution, and we are well-equipped to handle any mice infestation, no matter how severe. Call us today for a free consultation at 855-501-7119.