Signs of a Raccoon in Your Attic

What are those strange noises coming from the ceiling? Something smells a Raccoon in Your Atticlittle strange… What happened to these walls?

If any of the above thoughts have crossed your mind, it is possible that you could have an unwanted house guest such as a squirrel, opossum, rat, or even a raccoon. This article will outline what makes a raccoon a potential culprit and will help you determine if, in fact, you do have a raccoon roommate.

Raccoons: Intelligent and Agile

Many of the aforementioned pests pose comparable threats to your home, but the raccoon is unique in its craftiness and abilities. It has an unusual sensitivity to things it touches and is adept at handling objects. Research has shown that raccoons can remember how to do complex tasks like opening locks after a few attempts. They are a highly intelligent species, with long memories and quick learning capabilities. This makes them well-equipped for finding ways into your home, whether it is climbing a nearby tree and dropping onto the roof or loosening a soffit gap to squeeze inside.

The Common Signs

You will often notice the following signs for nearly any pest invasion:

  • Scratching, scampering, or squeaking noises from the attic
  • Odor from feces
  • Damaged infrastructure including beams, walls, floor
  • Pets acting unusual

But a careful observer can figure out if the pest is a raccoon by paying attention to the quality of these signs. Since a raccoon is the largest animal home invader, the sounds of movement will be stronger and seem heavier like walking as opposed to scurrying. Also, noises are more likely to be heard at night, since raccoons are nocturnal. They will also make more ominous sounds, like growling or grunting instead of squeaking like a smaller invader. If you go up to the attic, you will see larger, almost dog-sized feces. Also, be sure to check the exterior of the house to look for any entry points. If it seems like a cat could fit through it, it was likely made by a raccoon.

Critter Control Professionals

No matter what the attic pest is, it will cause similar problems for you if it remains in your house too long. While some homeowners will feel confident to handle the problem on their own, save yourself the time and worry by calling the experts at Critter Control® serving Ft. Lauderdale. Especially in the case of an elusive raccoon, trapping can be a headache and relocating may be illegal, so let us take care of the critter for you. Call us today at 954-467-6067 for a free consultation.