Hollywood Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are arguably the most favored species of rodent. The furry critters are quite cute and entertaining to watch as they scamper around outside through trees and parks. However, their cute behavior stops really quick once they decide to nest inside. If you notice any of the distracting signs of a squirrel infestation in your home, contact the professional squirrel removal experts Critter Control®.

Identifying a Squirrel Infestation
These signs may indicate you have a potential squirrel problem.

  • Noise – you hear squeaks, scurrying, and scratching sounds coming from your walls or attic.
  • Gnawing – there are chew marks and holes in your drywall, wiring, pipes, wood, or cardboard.
  • Droppings – there are piles of feces in and around your attic.
  • Odor – there is a foul, ammonia-like smell throughout your home.
  • Gathering – you see a large scurry or collection of squirrels outside your home.

Trusted Removal Process
Our goal is to safely remove rodents from your home with extermination always being a last resort. Our CritterSafe program provides humane, non-lethal measures to remove squirrels from your property and return them to the wild where they belong. The CritterSafe process of squirrel removal involves:

  • Inspection– we determine the presence of squirrels in your home by sending a squirrel removal professional to visit your home during a free consultation.
  • Removal– we strategize the safest method to remove the squirrels from your home.
  • Exclusion- we seal access points or holes the squirrels used to enter your home.
  • Restoration– we clean and repair any damage or mess caused by the squirrels.

Call the Experts

At Critter Control® serving Ft. Lauderdale, our fully-licensed technicians are highly experienced in squirrel removal. Call us today at 954-467-6067 to schedule to schedule your free consultation.