The longer rats are allowed to breed in your home, the harder they are to terminate. Rats are large, destructive mammals that will chew on anything. Additionally, they are unsanitary critters known to carry a variety of bacteria and diseases that can be transmitted to people and pets.

Damaging Effects of a Rat Infestation

A growing rat infestation can cause serious damage to homes and businesses if not swiftly dealt with. Common rat behaviors that result in extensive and costly damage include:

  • Chewing on wiring, drywall, and wooden structures
  • Nesting in and soiling attic insulation
  • Contaminating food

Rats can also contaminate homes by spreading infectious diseases like leptospirosis or the hantavirus lung infection. If you notice rats on your property, don’t waste time trying to combat them on your own. Rats are cautious rodents that can learn how to navigate around and avoid traps. Instead, contact rat removal professionals before too much destruction is done to your property.

Critter Control® Can Help!

Critter Control® has over three decades of experience in professional rat removal solutions. At Critter Control® serving Ft. Lauderdale, our rat and rodent removal solutions are humane, safe, effective, and permanent. Not only will our technicians remove the rats from your home, but they will also clean up and repair any mess or damage the pests leave behind.

If you suspect you have a rat problem, call us today at 954-467-6067 to schedule your consultation and receive $50 off our rat removal services.