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Getting Rid of Squirrels in Your Home


Squirrels are one of the most common critters around. They live in almost every climate and environment. In fact, the only continent they aren’t found on is Antarctica. In order to live in so many climates, they have learned to make their homes just about anywhere they can. They can make their homes in trees, bushes, and even walls. And because of their ubiquity, they are easy to spot. Most squirrels are the size of a large rat and are usually brown with white, gray, or black markings on their faces and tails. They have bushy tails, rounded faces, and are prone to bouncing around nervously.

You will usually see squirrels running up and down trees, across fences or along the edges of a roof. Because they are so common, they tend to end up in places you don’t want them, such as your home or office. If you notice them spending a lot of time on or around your home, you might have an infestation.

Handling the Problem

At Critter Control, we can provide you with immediate squirrel removal. Just like rats and mice, squirrels will not come alone. When you spot one squirrel, there are plenty more where that one came from.

While they do look cute and cuddly, squirrels should not be approached. They can become very aggressive and cause serious injuries if they bite or scratch you. And as with rats and mice, they carry a variety of diseases that can be passed on to humans through direct contact or contact with their waste.

Removing the Cause

While squirrels will put plenty of effort into making their home cozy, they tend to look for places that can easily accommodate them. That means they will look for openings in your home’s siding, gaps in your roof, or even cracks around your home’s foundation.

Once we eliminate the problem, our job isn’t done. We can help you strengthen and fortify your home to protect it from future squirrel invasions. Our trained technicians can help repair any damage they cause, as well as install safety measures such as screens and nets.