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Rat Infestation

Rat Infestation Ft Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale residents are becoming more exposed to rat infestations daily. With the reports of rat house-ratsissues on the rise in the United States, Florida residents can expect the same trend. Rats are prolific creatures. They have the ability to produce up to 2000 offspring per year. They are also commensal creatures that depend on humans to provide food and shelter. With their ability to quickly adapt to our surroundings and reproduce quickly, it is very imperative to seek professional help at the first sighting.

Dangers of a Rat Infestation

Rats are not normally welcomed guests. They subject you to scratching or scurrying sounds as they make their way through your walls or attic; They leave foul odors in normally unreachable places, and they leave rat dropping or urine around your space. These nuisances are not the only concern. When rats are present, Critter Control® knows too well the other dangers Fort Lauderdale residents may face.

  • Potential of contracting deadly diseases like Leptospirosis or Rat-bite fever
  • Continuous alarm tripping from chewed alarm wiring
  • Increased utility bill and potential fires from gnawed insulation, electrical wires, or air duct pipes

How Critter Control® of Fort Lauderdale can help!

Critter Control® has developed and perfected a proven four-step method for handling rat infestations.

  1. Inspect – Our team will thoroughly inspect your premises to assess the extent of the infestation.
  2. Remove – We will devise a rat removal plan that is safe and convenient for each client
  3. Repair – Our technicians will sanitize, repair, and restore any damages to your space.
  4. Exclude – We will seal all entry points so that the rats cannot re-enter after removal.

If you suspect that you have a rat infestation or have questions about rats around your property, call the professionals at Critter Control® of Fort Lauderdale at 954-467-6067 for assistance. Be sure to ask about our three-year exclusion and lifetime warranty.