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Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal Services


The easiest way to spot a raccoon problem is to actually see a raccoon. Raccoons are large, gray animals with rings around their tails and a black patch of fur, or mask, around their eyes. They have narrow noses and moderately sized (often pointed) ears. They are usually much larger than a cat and even some small dogs.
Seeing a raccoon isn’t the only way to spot a problem. In fact, most people will never see a raccoon even when they have one on their property. Raccoons are nocturnal and are very skilled at staying hidden. You are more likely to hear them instead of see them.

Raccoons can make high pitched squealing noises or growls when agitated. As mentioned before, they tend to stick to dark areas and are active at night. If you enter your garage, shed, or any other room and hear a squeal or growl, leave immediately.

You can also identify a raccoon problem by the damage they cause. They will destroy anything that gets in their way in search of food. They will knock over garbage cans, break glass, and destroy property. They are even smart enough to open lids and containers to find a meal. If you notice an actual raccoon or any damage they cause, call us for immediate raccoon removal.

Be Careful

As with all wild animals, you should never approach a raccoon or try to get rid of it on your own. They are incredibly dangerous and much more aggressive than most other common wildlife invaders. At Critter Control, we are trained to handle even the most violent and aggressive raccoons. Don’t risk your own life trying to take care of the problem, call us instead. We can have someone at your home or office as soon as possible, day or night.