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Removing Bats From Your Home


Though you don’t see them very often, bats are an integral part of our environment. They feast on insects and help keep the delicate ecosystem in balance. Without bats, everything in nature would be thrown out of balance. However, just because bats are useful in nature doesn’t mean you want or need them around your house or business.

As with most wild animals, bats carry a number of diseases and parasites that are easily transmitted to humans. And as with most pests, all you need to do is come in contact with their waste to be exposed to any number of harmful parasites.

Bats can cause serious problems if they infest your home or business. Besides being horrifying to the average individual, they can also cause damage as they roost. As if instilling fear and causing damage to your home or office wasn’t enough, they leave their droppings (and a foul odor) wherever they roost, potentially scaring away customers or making your home uninhabitable.

Necessary Steps

Getting rid of a bat infestation is not an easy thing to do. At Critter Control, we have experts who are trained to humanely eliminate bats and prevent them from ever returning. In order to completely eliminate the threat, our experts will need to assess your situation.

Once the bats have been safely removed, we will be able to clean up any mess they leave behind. Their waste contains dangerous diseases and parasites, and trying to clean it up without proper tools and training can expose you to those diseases.

After the bats have been removed and the mess they made has been cleaned up, we will take steps to prevent another infestation. Bats can fit through tiny cracks and will roost in tight quarters. We will identify problem areas around your home or business and repair or seal them properly. Once your home or business is secure, you won’t need to worry about another swarm of bats causing any more problems.