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Armadillo Removal

Way back when, you couldn’t find armadillos in Florida because they aren’t native to the landscape. But now they are commonplace. These animals like open habitats with soft soil that is easy to dig through, which makes Florida a great choice to call home.

Armadillos are not considered dangerous to humans. However, their digging tendencies create problems for landowners. Burrowing can cause damage to lawns, flower beds, and golf courses. If you suspect that you have an armadillo issue, call Critter Control of Ft Lauderdale. We will help you get rid of the problem as soon as possible.

How to Spot a Problem

If you water your lawn and flowers on a regular basis, you may be making the perfect home for an armadillo because water creates the perfect soft lawn these animals love. Armadillo damage is easy to spot. Armadillos will burrow and then come back up to ground level. This creates little hills and lumps of dirt in the lawn.

You will also notice several holes in the grass a few inches wide. This damage can be expensive to fix because landscaping costs a pretty penny. The sooner you call animal removal experts, the sooner you can get the lawn you desire. Our pros will have recommendations for how to keep armadillos off your property in the future once we remove the problem.

Removing Armadillos from a Property

Technically speaking, it is legal for humans to trap and remove armadillos on their own, but it is difficult to do so because armadillos can often escape live traps. This is why it is ideal to call an animal control company, like Critter Control, for assistance and speedy removal.

Our team will show up to your property prepared to take care of the problem on the first try. Our professionals are knowledgeable about a wide range of animal control problems. Feel free to ask questions about how to avoid armadillo problems in the future.

Give us a call today to get a quote for armadillo removal or advice about how to get rid of your armadillo problem. Critter Control services Ft Lauderdale and surrounding areas.