Wildlife Management

Critter Control is a full-service pest control company. Our integrated pest management systems include customer education, habitat modification, animal exclusion and animal removal.

We not only remove or exclude unwanted animals, but also completely follow up our work by repairing wildlife damage. It is our job to protect you and your property with permanent solutions to wildlife problems.

Screening vents, installing chimney caps and closing entry holes reduces the opportunity for pesky mice, raccoons, squirrels, and other animals to enter your home.

Animal Removal

Our focus is on removing the animal from your home in the most humane and safe way possible. We want to make sure your family is safe. We also make sure the animal is treated humanely and removed properly, abiding by the laws of Florida in dealing with household pests.

This is where our expert staff comes in. We’ve removed every conceivable kind of animal from Florida homes. We handle snakes, rats, mice, raccoons, birds and armadillos. Critter Control® of Ft. Lauderdale is your best choice in animal removal.

If a wild animal has invaded your space, give us a call today at 954-467-6067. Let us remove the animal and return your home to a safe environment for your family. Call today to schedule your Free Animal Entry Home Inspection.

Welcome to Critter Control® of Fort Lauderdale

Welcome to Critter Control®! We are your source of information and complete services for all critter problems throughout Florida. Our goal is to offer exceptional customer service coupled with effective pest removal services.

Critter Control is a trusted name for wildlife and animal control because we offer comprehensive services, fast response times, and long-term solutions. We are proud to serve the Fort Lauderdale area and surrounding suburbs.

Humane Wildlife Management

Critter Control is the company you should call if you want animals removed from your property in a humane manner. Our experienced wildlife management staff is knowledgeable about all types of animals, and knows the proper ways to remove the pests without disrupting the animal’s natural instincts or behaviors. We want to keep our clients safe and happy, as well as protect the integrity of the little creature.

House Damage? We Can Fix It!

House damage is one of the worst things you will encounter if you have a critter problem. Damage is often found in the attic. As a full-service animal removal company, we offer restoration services. We can repair chewed-on, removed, or damaged insulation, ensure your insulation is clean of animal droppings and bacteria, and make sure your attic is returned to original condition. Getting rid of nuisance wildlife and unwanted pests is invaluable to any home or business owner. That is why we offer 100% financing!

Residential and Commercial Services

Critter problems aren’t just a homeowner thing. An annoying animal could be lingering around an office complex and scaring employees or business patrons.

We offer solutions for homeowners and business owners in the Fort Lauderdale area. You can contact us anytime you suspect a problem or see an unusual creature, and we will send our team out to survey the area, find vulnerable points of entry in your home or office, and implement a plan for exclusion and capture with your consent.

Call Now

Spot something? Don’t wait to call us. Animal problems are better solved earlier than later in order to save you time, money, and hassle. Call our team now if you would like a quote, have a question about our services, or need to schedule a service today. We will be happy to help you!